eco friendly alternative to wet wipes

How to make your own eco-friendly cleansing wipes- eco friendly alternative to wet wipes ,DIY cleansing wipes with this eco-friendly method. Messes happen. They just do, and sometimes you want to be able to clean up those messes in a hurry and move on.Enter the cleansing wipe. These ...FreshX | #1 UK Eco Friendly Alternative to a Wet WipeFreshX Tissue Spritz is the eco friendly alternative to non degradable plastic wet wipes. It works by turning dry toilet tissue into a flushable fresh wipe which gives you the convenience of a wet wipe without the nasties. FreshX Tissue Spritz is free from Alcohol, Parabens and Phenoxyethonal (a main ingredient in wet wipes) and crammed with loads of good stuff, like Botanicals,Vitamin E and B5.